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Color Trends 2024

Need vivid colors to make your client’s build stand out? See us for Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year, Blue Nova, and a complementary palette that’s sure to make a bold statement.



Better Coverage

Budget paints often need more coats applied over a longer time to get complete coverage, but Benjamin Moore’s high-quality coatings give you better, more even coverage with fewer coats.

Superior Durability

Benjamin Moore paints can last for years without fading or chipping. Select paints come with a warranty, so you’ll be covered even if your paint doesn’t stand the test of time.

try before you buy

Want to see what a whole room would look like with a fresh coat of paint? Before you put the brush to the wall, explore the color possibilities with Benjamin Moore’s Personal Color Viewer. Check out the Benjamin Moore Color Portfolio app to match existing paint, and use the paint calculator to estimate how much you’ll need for your entire project.



We Carry These Benjamin Moore Paints:


AURA is a super-premium, 100% acrylic interior coating formulated using Benjamin Moore’s proprietary Color Lock® Technology to deliver the ultimate performance for brilliant, rich, everlasting color.

  • Extreme hide and coverage for fewer coats
  • Mildew resistant for a fresh look that lasts
  • Stands up to repeated washing with no color rub-off
  • Paint and primer together
  • Matte, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss
  • 350-400 SF/Gal. Coverage
  • Low VOC, low odor
  • 1 hr. recoat time


Regal Select has been trusted for more than 50 years by painters and homeowners alike, and is formulated for easy cleaning in a wide variety of sheens.

  • Excellent hide
  • Paint & primer together
  • Mildew-resistant coating
  • Flat, matte, eggshell, pearl, or semi-gloss
  • 400-450 Sq. Ft./Gal. Coverage
  • Low VOC, low odor
  • 1-3 hr. recoat time


ben® Interior is user-friendly paint formulated for economic coverage to put flawless, lasting results and premium color within reach.

  • Paint & primer together
  • Ideal for living rooms, bedrooms
  • Flat, eggshell, or semi-gloss
  • 400-450 Sq. Ft./Gal. coverage
  • Zero VOC, low odor
  • 1-4 hr. recoat time


ADVANCE Interior is a premium quality, waterborne alkyd paint that offers a full line of durable high-end finishes ideal for doors, trim and cabinetry.

  • Cures to hard, furniture-quality finish
  • Ideal for cabinets, trim, woodwork
  • Satin
  • 400-500 Sq.Ft./Gal. Coverage
  • Low VOC, low odor
  • 16 hr. recoat time


ben Exterior is an acrylic exterior paint delivering dependable performance for beautiful transformations — the perfect choice for premium quality with forgiving application properties.

  • Low temp application to 35°F
  • Rain-resistant after 90-120 min. at 77°F/50% humidity
  • Flat, low luster, or soft gloss
  • 350-475 Sq. Ft./Gal. Coverage
  • Low VOC
  • 4 hr. recoat time